Girl with Club Mate tattoo


Elly Tzonova from Sofia, Bulgaria became famous for her Club-Mate tattoo. Her Instagram post was shared by all Club-Mate sites all over the world. We interviewed Elly about her thing for Berlin, addiction for Club-Mate and how she actually met Django.


Elly is a freelance editor for a lifestyle magazine and club guide in Sofia. She also teaches German and English. Check out her cool Instagram feed, where she frames her snaps in white frames. „It sets accent,“ she says. „It’s all about what’s in the frame. Almost like a blank paper, which you fill with a picture.“ And if you speak Bulgarian check her blog Between the Lines.



Do you remember first tasting Club-Mate?
It was June 2014 and I found it horrible. After the third bottle I started to like it but at first I thought that it tasted like wet cigarettes.


Elly is a true Club-Mate addict

Elly is a true Club-Mate addict

What do you love so much about Berlin?
Its diversity. You get to meet a lot of different people and cultures, the city is huge and offers a whole lot of stuff to do. I was there only for five days, but due to all the things I did, it felt like an eternity. My favorite three things are the abandoned spystation Teufelsberg, which is among the biggest street art galleries in Europe, the people and the TV Tower, which you can see from every point of the city.


Are there places in Sofia, that remind of Berlin?
Berlin and Sofia are two very different cities. But we do have some cool places here in Sofia. You can try Tell Me Bar, Fabrika Daga, in english The Rainbow Factory or The Apartment.


And for your tattoo – how long did you decide before you got it?

Only 2 days. Then I went to the studio to book an appointment.


Well, what will I drink?

Well, what will I drink?

How do you feel as „The Girl with the Club-Mate Tattoo?“ We would say, it got you quite famous.
As you can see, my tattoo is not all about Club-Mate but also about Berlin. When I went there in June, Berlin left quite the mark on me, and I wanted to make the mark visible. So in a way, I feel grateful that I get to express my love for CM and Berlin on my skin. But I wouldn’t go that far and say that it got me famous. 


Well, your photo was all over Instagram. Almost every Club-Mate Instagram feed did repost it. Did you expect that?

Was it? Really? Some friends of mine reposted it, but I didn’t know that other people had as well. Some of my friends said I am going to regret my tattoo, but after explaining why I did it and after seeing it, they liked it. Only my mum still doesn’t know that I have one. I intend to keep it this way.



Why is for you Club-Mate a symbol of Berlin?

Actually it isn’t Club-Mate. It is Django. For me, Django is a very special mystical creature and I think that it represents freedom and adventures. This is how I felt in Berlin – I was free and adventurous and the whole time. And I fed on impressions and Club-Mate.


Imagine, you would meet the real Django on the street, what would you tell him?

Oh, I‘ve met him already and I said to him: „I am Django!“

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Check Elly’s Instagram feed. She’s got awesome pictures there.