Of course the best way is just to grab Club-Mate and drink it. But we found other 16 ways how to have creative fun with Club-Mate.

Czech version/Českou verzi textu najdeš tady.


 16 ways to use Club-Mate


1. Sitting indoor

Wanna thy this stylish and comfy sitting? Check this DIY on our blog (in Czech, but you’ll understand the pics).

CM stolička

Source: MintyFinty for Club-Mate


2. Sitting outdoor

Prague alternative cinema Bio Oko in Prague nailed it big style.

CM Bio Oko

Source: Facebook Bio Oko

3. Library

Our buddies from Bulgaria built this library of Club-Mate boxes on the street in Sofia. From there also comes Elly, which you know as The Girl with Club-Mate Tattoo.

CM knihovna2

Source: Facebook Club-Mate Bulgaria

4. Bar

Bar made of Club-Mate crates where they serve Club-Mate? Could anything be better? This one was built just for Hackatronu inParalelní polis, Prague.

CM bar Paralelní polis 2

CM bar Paralelní polis


5. Standing table

Who does a bit of coworking knows that standing tables now the rage. Working while standing boost your productivity, like you would just finish a bottle of Club-Mate.

Club-Mate DEPO2015 coworking

Source: Coworking DEPO2015 in Pilsen, Czech republic


6. Bed

The best results in sleep are always achieved in horizontal position.

CM postel

Source: Instagram @clubmateczsk


7. Shoe cabinet

That men aren’t tidy is a nonsense. This one clearly took care of crates and shoes in one go.

CM botník

Source: Facebook


8. Chandelier

The festival Kruh in ÚstÍ nad Labem, Czech republic was presented in great light indeed.

CM lustr

Source: Festival Kruh 2015, Ústí nad Labem, Czech republic


9. Bike

A hipster without a city bike is useless. So is a city bike without proper storage space.

CM kolo

Source: Bicyclefashion.de

10. Beekeeping

Anče Vodrážková from Prague is crazy about bees. She keeps them on two theatre buildings and uses Club-Mate crates to keep her hives away from ground humidity.

CM včely2

Source: LaFabrika, Praha

11. Vase

Almost every Club-Mate addict used the empty bottle as a vase (especially if they have an Instagram account). But what about taking it to another level? Instructions here (again in czech, but everyone understands pictures).



Source: Zahrada na niti for Club-Mate

12. Ping pong table

Why use a net when you have Club-Mate?

Club-Mate ping pong

Source: KPČK Pikant, Ostrá near Nymburk, Czech republic


13. Cooler

Nothing is cooler than this DIY cooler, right?

CM chlaďák

Source: bre.soup.io


14. Sledge

This guy got style! Check out also his incredible YouTube video.

CM sáně 2

Source: YouTube


15. Ma-tractor

Have you ever seen a stronger machine? We don’t think so!

CM matraktor

Source: Facebook


16. Gold for hipsters

Every year in Berlin (where else?) the Hipster Olympics take place. First price? Golden Club-Mate bottle of course!

CM hipster olympiade cena

Source: Berlinified


Did you come across some creative Club-Mate tweaks? We will be happy, if you paste us a link in the comments, co we can learn too. Thanks!

If you are from Czech Republic, you are lucky enough to order your Club-Mate online. In Prague or Brno you don’t even pay for the delivery.

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